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Welcome to

The Aspire Hub

We are an expanding group of 36 Primary & Secondary Schools across Bolton, Bury, Tameside, Sefton and Knowsley who have formed a Challenge Partner’s partnership as – The Aspire Hub: @TheAspire_Hub


Together we collaborate to support school improvement, leadership development and effective knowledge exchange to be used in everyday practice, in order to benefit all children and add value to each school!

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Our mission is to reduce educational inequality and improve the life chances of all children.

Through collaboration, challenge and professional development, we are working to ensure every
school community can benefit from the combined wisdom of the education system.

To work towards our mission, we have collectively adopted these four core aims that guide what we do:

  • Improve pupils’ examination results at a rate above the national average and accelerate progress of the disadvantaged

  • Enable all our schools to improve at a rate above the national average

  • Develop leadership and improvement capacity and knowledge at school and system level

  • Develop a world class, self-improving and sustainable system that contributes to national research and policy-making

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